Multi-Cloud Workload Provisioning, Governance and Auditability Management

Vnomic MetaDirector is an expert system that captures the knowledge of human experts using the power of workload modeling and software defined flexibility to solve Multi-Cloud Workload management complexities.

Vnomic MetaDirector uses reasoning through bodies of application and infrastructure provisioning, performance, security, governance & compliance requirements to come up with the best possible solution.

Moreover, Vnomic MetaDirector provisions the workload and infrastructure while achieving the security, governance and compliance desired state.

The growing sophistication and deployment complexity of Digital Transformation workloads means that traditional approaches to workload deployment, governance and auditability management no longer meet business expectations.


Vnomic MetaDirector helps customers in a competitive world to maintain workload portability and be able to deploy workloads quickly, then rapidly and safely add or remove resources from already running workloads to meet the demands of users, based on service level requirements, time scheduling and cost factors, while adhering to the security and governance requirements.

No one would dispute the power of Digital Transformation workloads. In an era of accelerated change and radical market transformation, the innovative use of digital technologies help ignites business possibilities that were not financially or operationally feasible before. From improving operational efficiency or enhancing organizational agility to better managing risks and enriching customer experience, Digital Transformation touches every aspect of business and is changing it for the better.

But we are only just starting to harness the power of digital transformation, and it is playing out differently depending on a company’s maturity, the vertical sector in which it operates, the skills of its employees, the age of its infrastructure and numerous other factors. Further, for many IT and business decision-makers, the infiltration of technology into all aspects of our daily lives and the growing complexity of Digital Transformation service implementations can be perplexing.

Cloud computing, Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence may bring new and exciting ways for business to operate, collaborate and innovate, and allow some organizations to excel in turbulent times, but these enablers of digital transformation require careful planning, considered Digital Transformation deployment and sensitive portability, security and governance management.

Aside from the re-engineering of Digital Transformation workloads and infrastructures to smooth out the transition processes, businesses are challenged to maintain workload portability to avoid lock-ins while ensuring workloads adherence to the security, governance and compliance requirements.